Don't Touch a Hot Stove

Being sick for a couple weeks and now being uncertain what to actually write about, I am just gonna put fingers to keyboard and write anyways. 

This is a little exercise I learned from a friend of mine a few years back. 

No thinking, no worrying or stress, just write what is in your head or your heart and let it flow and go from there. 

This is one of those exercises that can work for just about any challenge you are experiencing. 

I see so many people reach a challenge and then just sit down and be near it for minutes, days, weeks, etc. 

The stress of the challenge looming with little or no action taken to actually overcome it. 

When I find this happening for myself I like to use a process of experimentation and elimination.

What do you mean by that Ryan?

Oh I am glad you asked, reader. 

Choices to me are literally what our life is all about. 

Every single moment we are choosing something. 

We use our past experiences as a compass to point us towards what we “think” will happen.

So after a certain amount of burning your hand on the stove you begin to understand that the stove is hot. 

So don’t touch it with your hands. 

This example is rarely a bad thing though. 

It is not really ever good to burn your hands on the stove. 

No one benefits from it. 


What if the example is, I try something, and I fail?

So instead of trying more things, I just sit down near challenges and shut off or surf facebook or watch Netflix or whatever. 

This prediction can be very harmful. 

Not so much harmful to your physical body, though your physical body does want to avoid scary emotions. 

So if shame is something you feel about failure...I think you get the point. 

Ok so then what do I do?

That is another fantastic question.

And my answer is this. 

Do anything other than what you would normally do.


Except burn your hand on the stove. 

We’re pretty clear that isn’t good. 

Experiment and see what happens. 

And acknowledge how often you don’t die after trying new things. 

Also look into how faulty some of that prediction programming actually is. 

And if you want to be super bad ass about this programming take a look into how it got programmed. 

Yes, this does mean churning up some unpleasant things and allowing your body to experience some past pain and emotions. 

Those experiences can hold a lot of value and learning because all of the keys to who you are and how you were put together are there. 

So, if you find yourself stuck, just begin to write. 

Put your fingers to the keyboard and try something new. 

Let the words and your emotions flow. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 


P.s. There is a framework for how to dig into past things in the (YOU)niversity blog posts. Start with the first one and then go from there.


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