Gears in a Watch

So, a massive event happened in my life yesterday and I would love to share about it.  My son, who turns 19 this month, has moved out and is “on his own”.  I put that in quotes because the support never stops, though leaving the nest is a big deal and there is a certain shift in responsibility for sure.  It was very interesting, that even him being at work a lot, energetically the house felt different without him in it.  So, our already ample space home, now feels massive and unnecessary.  Though that isn’t really what I came to write about today.  What I want to share about is what happens when these events occur, what is a metaphor we can paint, and how can we take advantage of these new changes? Something I like to envision when these kinds of these happen is the inside of a really nice watch.  You know the kind, with that glass plate on the back, where you can observe the gears turning, each one performing its part perfectly in time with everything else.  The thing about life is that it doesn’t always happen that way and it doesn’t always happen with everything perfectly in time.  And if my son represents one of those gears, what happens when he removes himself from the equation? And this could pertain to anything else.  It could be a new job, an old job left, a relationship, or taking gluten out of your diet.  Any of these examples could represent one of those gears in the watch.  So, what happens when you remove your gear from the watch?  Or what happens when you decide to turn in a different direction?  I think society will want you to think that you break the watch.  I think they want you to think that you are doing others a disservice.  I don’t think this is true.  To me, when you stop and make a choice to do something different, you give everyone else that same opportunity. Nothing more and nothing less. Whether they take that opportunity and do something with it is up to them.  How many people do you that are just turning their gear? How many people do you know that would be shocked if you stopped turning yours? What kind of example and legacy do you want to leave? Do you want to be remembered as someone who just stayed in their lane and kept turning? Or do you want to shake things up a bit? Andrew removed his gear. And all of us who know him have an opportunity to do something with this new space. What that will be is left to be determined, though figuring that out can be the best part.  I love you Andrew, and am so proud of you.  Ryan For more information about coaching or masterminds please email me at


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