I Quit Facebook

This post comes after a very long blog hiatus and will be accompanied by an announcement. 

I have left Facebook behind, I deleted my account today, and am not surprisingly finding myself with space to write this post. 

As the title states, leaving Facebook was really scary, and something I have been thinking about since about Christmas. 

So why did I leave?

Well, the honest answer is that the cost vs reward was too high. 

With nearly 3000 friends, and 2 groups totally over 2000 people I couldn't get over that the conversations felt the same everyday. 

The same people commenting the same things, and probably because I have been copying and pasting content for a little over a year now. 

I wasn't growing on that platform, I have known it for a long time, and I delayed the departure for too long. 

I have this saying regarding my relationships, more like options actually. 

Option 1. Evolve the conversation. 

Option 2. Stop talking. 

Option 3. Give me your credit card number. 

And the the truth is because I wasn't evolving my own conversation, I needed to stop talking, because the Facebook time suck was costing me money.  

And now I get to dive into the unknown and redesign my online persona. 

What is something that you could let go of today?

Perhaps it is scary though would yield a large amount of free space to (insert literally anything). 

Anyways, this will be the best place to find me for the time being or on Twitter or Instagram @ryancharaba. 

Talk soon. 



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