The Middle Part of Metamorphosis

I love talking about caterpillars and butterflies, as a metaphor. I also just love talking about caterpillars and butterflies because the whole process of what makes mind blowing to me. A caterpillar hatches from an egg 1-3 millimeters in size and in the span of ten to twelve days grows to an average of 2 inches in length. Seriously that part alone is mind blowing. Born. Eat. Eat some more. Get fat. Nobody is judging you. It’s a pretty legit life if you think about it. Eating up and fueling up to become butterflies right? Sort of. What they are actually fueling up for is what we refer to as a metamorphosis. Metamorphosis 

  • a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

This is one of my favorite words and the things that caterpillars do to turn into butterflies is nothing less than supernatural. The thing is that we don’t really talk about what the metamorphosis actually is, or how long a caterpillar or butterfly or whatever it is spends metamorphosing. Ten to twelve days a caterpillar eats. Once the butterfly is hatched it lives two to four weeks. The metamorphosis takes ten days. A period of time where the caterpillar sheds part of itself and becomes a chrysalis. This is the part. While in the chrysalis everything that used to be caterpillar, melts.  Melts. Every bit of it that was caterpillar melts into some sort of butterfly batter. And then this batter or goo or whatever reshapes for about ten days. And the emergence is something radically different. Patience and purpose beautifully combined. We, as a people, have a habit of expecting ourselves to shift these states nearly instantaneously though.  We expect to jump from caterpillar to butterfly and attempt often to ignore the period when we are melting.  A metamorphosis that is attempting to let an old self go so that we can become something else. So we can emerge, spread our wings and fly.  All in all the “butterfly” is in a melted state for a third of its life. One third. Are you making space for yourself to melt? Or are you attempting to fly when your wings are still a messy goo. Give yourself some space. Allow yourself some chill. You are amazing as a caterpillar. You are amazing as a butterfly. It is the metamorphosis though ...that middle part...where we allow some old part of us go so we can reshape and experience this life a completely different way. Melt away party people. Your new you is just on the other side of patience. Ryan Charaba For more insights and exercises be sure to subscribe to my mailing list.


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