With Tears In My Eyes

Updated: Jun 17

The most powerful days in your life are not the ones where you are celebrating the end of the day with triumph. 

The most powerful days are the ones where you slump into bed at night with tears in your eyes. 

The ones that nearly beat you. 

The ones that almost got the best of you. 

The ones that did their best to hold you down. 

The ones that seem to have all the cards stacked against you. 

What I want you to notice are the tears you are producing in those moments. 

These moments after the sun has set and all seems dark.

Tears would not stream if you had nothing left. 

They would not stream if you were truly defeated. 

They stream because you are still alive and releasing the last bit of reserves you had in you. 

They are actually proof that you had more in you. 

That you could have continued going if you needed to. 

Truthfully any day that you enter your bed with more breathe in your lungs and blood pumping through your veins is a success. 

For you fought and you lived.

Another day.

As I look out over a city barely awake I know that on those days are the ones I truly gave it my all. 

Those are the days that truly forge who we are. 

The ones that we cling to our beliefs and prove to ourselves and those around us and scream into the darkness that this is my flag and I will not pull it out of the ground. 

I will not waiver against the things that are the most important to me.

The things that truly make my heart sing. 

These are the same things that we cry for. 

Because they are worth all sides of us. 

They are worth more than just laughter and smiles. 

They are worth tears and anger and frustration. 

They are worth multiple attempts.

They are worth loss and failures.

They are worth 100% of you. 

Today it is another day. 

I hope that you laugh.

I hope that you cry. 

I hope that you experience all of you today. 

Your dreams are you and you are worth it.  

Prove it it yourself until your eyes close for the last time.


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