(YOU)niversity #2

How is it going party people! 

Welcome to (YOU)niverisity #2 

If you participated in (YOU)niversity #1 then you understand that a lot of this is a literal practice. 

Day to day steps, following a process and remaining focused on who we want to show up as. 

We will check in, assess, take some steps, acknowledge what we learned, and then upgrade our awareness and experience. 

This practice will empower us by creating a constant feedback loop toward making better choices. 

Last month we used the 6 Step Process. 

My thought for this month is to continue that and add on some context. 

Someone actually taught me this exercise a couple years back and with her blessing I began incorporating it into my coaching programs, having lots of success with it. 

The exercise is called “Your Timeline”. 

The purpose of this exercise is to take an honest look at your past and all the events that took place between your birthday and today. 

My goal for you during the next month are these 3 things. 

Step 1: Re-contextualize your past so that it empowers, instead of victimizes you.

Step 2: Practice responsibility for your own healing.

Step 3: Rinse and repeat.

This month I am going to explain the timeline first, allow you to reference mine, and then do the exercise yourself. 

1. Grab a blank piece of paper. 

2. Write your birthday at the top and today’s date at the bottom.

3. Set a timer for 15 or so minutes (this step is optional only because this exercise could last forever). 

4. Start timer and then freely write every event you can think of, as chronologically as possible.

Let these events come out freely, writing them as they come up. 

It is ok if the paper is messy and allow yourself to write good, bad, and indifferent events. 

The goal of this first portion, the actual writing, is to just put thought to paper. 

When you finish give yourself some space to digest what just happened and allow yourself to notice. 

What I am hoping for you to notice are any themes, patterns, labels, assignment of good or bad, and anything else “interesting” that comes up for you. 

For me the really big things are…

- The massive amount of moving Disdain with leadership.  

- Active and passive forms of rebellion including rebellion against myself. Stayed in Navy in spite of loathing for it. Part of me believed that I had to be there to have a machine to rage against. 

- The other part didn't believe I was good enough for anything else.  

- Degrading mental health due to poor choices (obvious now, not then) on my own behalf. 

- Finally noticing the “fruits of my own labors” Meeting Micaire who challenged me to be better and eventually the best version of me.  

- Being honest about mental health with Navy and using my love of rebellion to make meaningful change for the first time ever!    

- Start First Wakeups.

There are many more things I could have written yet brevity is important.

This is the third time I have done this exercise and it is a little more clear each time what "God or the Universe" has in mind for me. 

Every single event in my timeline was setting me up to the be the powerful version of myself that I am today and a leader inside of my family and First Wakeups. 

Actively seeking out how to be better in each moment and using every event, every failure, every tear, every laugh, and everything else in between as an opportunity to share and promote healthy and constructive rebellion against societal and generational norms. 

My hope for you is to be able to look back and notice all of the events, all of the trauma, all of the things you have survived and already overcome. 


I am fairly confident that most of us have already suffered. 

You have already survived something traumatic. 

You. Are. Still. Here! 

Most of us look at our Timeline the first time and just see destruction and loss. 

Now go back and look at it again from the context of empowerment, responsibility, and ownership. 

Yes, those words can be tricky for certain events BUT how can you use those events to make change in your world. 

That is what I mean by responsibility and ownership. 

There is someone in your life looking to you to stand up, empower yourself, and every single person lucky enough to witness your growth.

So, for the next 30 days I want you to practice noticing how you are showing up and how it connects to your Timeline. 

With each dot connected behind we are more able to see how they could connect moving forward. 

AND! We have lots of timeline left to write!  

Own the reasons your habits have formed the way they have. 

And make choices (using the 6 Step Process) to shift.

There is nothing you are not able to overcome and YOUR PURPOSE is in that Timeline. 

Please share a picture of your Timeline, what you have learned from it, and how you are going to allow it to empower you. 

I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you. 

And as always please let me know if you have any questions. 



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