(YOU)niversity #4

Are you ready to get grateful about everything!?

I just laughed out loud because this is a challenging journey that I am asking you to embark on. 

Though I have been doing this same exercise for the last 133 days and challenging as it is, I have no intention of ever stopping. 


And now...a story. 

My good friend and former business partner Kimi calls me up one day and tells me I have to meet this guy.

His name is Tyler, he is wanting to get into similar work as me, and she thinks that we will hit it off. 

He is here on vacation with his girlfriend Courtney and apparently this is the first time Courtney and Kimi have ever met. 

BUT...they have been talking everyday for like 274 days or something. 

Say what!?

She tells me about some Instagram personality named Gala Darling that they both follow.

She had a short coaching program which included the challenge to pick a name randomly from a list, connect, and then share gratitude everyday for a year. 

Cold start. 


Gratitude everyday.

For. A. Year. 

Whoa that sounds powerful and amazing I thought.  

And scary.

Kimi said there is more. 

Courtney found out she had throat cancer shortly into the practice. 

Devastated and worried she was going to “take” from Kimi she suggested that they call it off.

Kimi who is all sorts of badass said no way, we are going to gratitude anyways. 

They visualized her cancer gone. 

They visualized her overcoming and shared gratitude everyday in spite of all of it. 

After biopsies and surgeries and courtney losing her voice for periods of time, Tyler would even record her messages so she could stay in integrity with the practice. 

It has been over a year since they started this practice.

Courtney is now cancer free. 

And Gala Darling featured their story on her podcast, and then flew Courtney to Hawaii to meet Kimi. 

I met Tyler 134 days ago while he was in Hawaii and have been doing this practice with him ever since. 

I am emotional and grateful just writing it. 

Sharing gratitude, even during shit times, is an amazing way to show what you have is enough. 

Are you ready?

This is the challenge. 

For the entire month of November, you will record a voice memo/video message and send it to your buddy. 

You will share the following…

1. What you are grateful for.

2. What your day looks like, as if it has already happened.

3. What a year from now looks like, as if it has already happened. 

Do not hesitate to embellish and think big.

And when you receive your message from you buddy, listen, appreciate, and uplevel them. 

An uplevel may sound like this. 

“Courtney I totally see you cancer free in a year, and your beautiful voice has returned.”


“Ryan I can totally see how pushing your girls up and down that big ass hill in that 70lb stroller will probably give you 6 pack abs by your 41st birthday.”

Have fun with it. 

Do your best to show up everyday and honor each other even when you slip up.

Challenge each other to see and visualize bigger. 

And connect deeply. 

It is not a small request to find something to be grateful for every day.   

It is even bigger request to do this with a stranger. 

With practice it will not only become easier, it will become part of who you are. 

Tyler is one of my best friends now. 

And I have never shared something like this with anyone else. 

Happy November Party People! 

Go get your gratitude on!


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