(YOU)niversity #5

Happy December 1st.

More often than not are we already looking towards the new year with expectations of a better experience.

Often wishing away the months at the end of the year as if the cleansing power of January will take away what is ailing us.

This is a challenge for me as I spent 20 years in the Navy and struggled at the end of my career with mental health. 

When I look back I forget that I have deployed to half the world. 

I have an accumulative 5 years under water doing cool submarine stuff. 

I have a retirement check every month until I pass on. 

My health insurance is paid for. 

And I was a Navy Chief. 

The mental health part and the “quitting” are very often what sticks out. 

It is interesting how the shame of one choice can overshadow the fuck yeah of everything else. 

I am just now coming to terms with my amazing Navy story and how I can use it to help so many people. 

The challenge this month is very simple. 

I want you to get a jar and some small pieces of paper. 

Label the jar however you like.

I’m going to mark mine my “Fuck Yeah Vault”.

So everyday this month I want you to recall something from this year that you did.

Something you accomplished and are proud of.

The challenge though is that often times we don’t realize to be proud of ourselves. 

So dig deep for these events and practice celebrating yourself. 

Practice owning how bad ass you are. 

And how awesome you were during 2019.

Write one thing down a day and drop it into your vault. 

The purpose of this is to not only display your awesomeness.

It is also to give you a vault of cool stories to reflect on if you are struggling to see you as your life changing ass kicking self. 


Ok good.





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