(YOU)niversity #6

So where to start! 

The story begins with this last months stumbles and wrong turns that have lead me to this exact point. 

The events that have lead me to rethink everything that has recently happened and what my next steps are. 

The ones who have given me pause to take another look at who I am and relish in all the sweet yet brutal self discovery.  

Sometimes you are so certain you are doing what is best only for it to blow up in the most unexpected way.

So what do you do?

Well I know exactly what my process is and it looks something like this.  

I get confused about what is happening and begin convincing myself I did everything right and people are being unreasonable. 

I then get upset, point fingers, lay blame, and justify everything I did. 

Harsh truths are then often spoken in my direction. 

I continue to justify and stoke my own fires until I am left alone with nothing but my emotions and words ringing in my head. 

Standing in the smoldering ruin. 

Then the guilt. 

Then sometimes the shame. 

Then slowly the acknowledgment 

This is what I did. 

This is how I could do better.

Reorganize and regroup. 

Make a new plan. 

Take a deep breath. 

Then the acceptance. 

Then the moving forward. 

Then the peace. 

This is my process. 

It might sound familiar or it might not. 

This month though, this is what I want to dig into. 

As I have become intimately familiar with my process, my priorities, and how to begin to recognize where I am at in it. 

And the practice of catching it before justification sets in to deeply. 

To me life is all about the practice of learning who we are, how we were put together, and how to make adjustments to take some control of how we are growing.

So much of our past wasn't chosen by us and by the time we realize this, we can often despair. 

I believe though that the events of our past both good and bad can be recontextualized to give us powerful tools to help reshape the world by breaking the cycles that made us. 

Learning to rebuild the cycles more powerfully and from a place of love. 

In this process we get to see how we show up and what is most important to us. 

And then using these frameworks that we have constructed to be able to connect more, love more, and be more of who we are truly meant to be. 

This months (YOU)niversity is gonna be a little different as it will be presented in 5 videos I will begin recording live tomorrow. 

The first video we will cover our past. 

It will be a tough exercise as I will be asking you to revisit a lot of the events that you have experienced starting at your birth all the way up to today. 

We will take a look at the patterns and themes in that timeline and begin to piece together why we make some of the choices we do. 

After that we will take a look at the different versions of us that were created along the way. 

We will look at all parts of those versions. 

Good and bad. 

We will learn how those versions of us were made to keep us safe and learn how to honor them and let parts of them go. 

Building upon those players, we will look at what is most important to us. 

We will look at our current reality and what we dream about and how to close the gap between those two lists. 

I will then show you a simple process to challenge yourself to make choices based on those priorities and keep you taking steps towards a upgraded awareness. 

We will then cap it off with a vision of where you want to go and who you want to be. 

And most importantly show you how to connect the dots whether you are looking forward or behind. 

The lessons will be presented over the next ten days.

There will be some space (a day or two) in between so you can take time to look at the exercises in your real life. 

Along the way I will ask daily "What have you noticed about yourself today?' and follow up with "Does this habit hinder or bolster my priorities?".

Self discover is nothing without daily doses of self honesty. 

I look forward to starting. 

I look forward to the journey and am honored by those of you choosing to take it with me. 

Sending all the love to you and yours. 

Let's get after it! 


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