(YOU)niversity #7


I’m posting this one a little early because I am feeling ready to dive into this self care shenanigans. 

We just spent a whole month noticing. 

January was a month of truly getting to know who you are, your patterns, your bus drivers, and everything else all in the nooks and crannies of yourself. 

This month is going to be next step in the process. 

What do you truly need? 

What aren’t you getting in your life or what are you still getting into that is getting in the way.

What could you be doing more of/less of to support you? 

What could you be taking a hard left turn on and what steps will you be taking right away. 

For me, it is definitely Facebook. 

Ever since school started I have been digging into stuff that truly sparks my passions, writing more powerfully, and connecting a bit more with the people that are closest and most important. 

So to continue the dig into what is most important I am reaffirming my top priority is self care and what I need to care for most is my mind and what I am putting into it. 

So effective February 1st, I’ll be taking a hiatus from Facebook.

I am still available to connect via phone or email if you have them. 

I’ll post my email in the comments. 

My challenge in the next couple days until February begins is to declare what you will be doing for self care. 

Declare your safety nets and backups. 

Enroll your teammates to keep you honest. 

And most importantly do you 100%.

It’s interesting the more I play around with the Top 5 priorities, the more I realize that we could be putting ourselves first a bit more and truly assuring we are really taken care of. 

Not in a selfish way. 

In a healthy and mindful way. 

Sending love to all of you and your journeys. 

And I’ll check back in in a month.


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